Sunday, August 9, 2009

Animo La Salle parin

While I was eating, sleeping and watching Ratatouille, I didn't know that there was a basketball clash waiting to happen. De La Salle Archers and Ateneo Blue Eagles were on this afternoon. I just found out now that they had an all-out basketball war, thanks to the ever updated, emotional and intense status messages of my friends in Facebook. 90% of the status in Facebook is all about the intensity of the game, which Ateneo won after an overtime. From what I've read in Facebook, the fight was intense and worth the watch.

I have no news now on what's up with the UAAP basketball team. Of course as a Lasallian, I would always want my alma mater to win, even if I don't know how young and fresh our team is. I don't know who's good now. I guess being a fan of basketball died in me when I graduated.

When I was in college, it was the height of De La Salle's Green Archers. Throughout my stay there, we were the champions. Every year, every season we dominated the UAAP men's basketball division. I admit I was an avid supporter. At least I knew the names of our lineup. I was very proud of my team and where I was studying. I may not be the die hard basketball fan down to the technicality, but I watched the games.

I also became educated about basketball in a way. Never in my life would I imagine myself watching a live game even if it was NBA, but there I was taking the lrt and mrt just to get to Araneta Coliseum. I was one of those whose voice croaked the morning after from too much screaming. I was one of those who squished and screamed wearing a green shirt. I was one of those sweat-faced girls who recounted the glorious moments right after the game. If I was blogging then, I would've blogged on the spot. I was a fan, one of those who hated Ateneo's guts to the core, but not to the point of throwing bottles at them, that's too uh...jologs.

But now, I have no idea what's happening in the world of UAAP basketball. I don't know the standings. I don't know the players even if I stared at them right now. I believe I stopped becoming a fan when I graduated. It was like that phase of my life just died a natural death. Actually that figures because I wasn't a fan of basketball to begin with. I just loved watching the game because I knew we would always win. I would get to gloat and feel the pride.

But I guess the world is round and nobody stays too long at the top. I heard Ateneo won the game today after an overtime and La Salle isn't the top team anymore. Part of me thinks my batch was the lucky charm...not! In short I hate the news because there's always a glaring difference when you lose to an arch rival. I could only imagine the current students of La Salle get annoyed and Ateneo students gloat till they drop. I hate the feeling, but the hate now just passes by. It never stays. After all it's just basketball. And win or lose in basketball, I'd still be proud of my Alma Mater. At least we are not that hungry.

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