Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Mania: Gifts

Almost everyone close I know is having babies! Mostly unplanned, yet they say equally delightful. Two of my closest friends in different phases of my life are not the type who'd think that having kids is a priority. I'm sure they have stronger maternal skills, but seriously, they're really not the early mothers type at all. One already gave birth two weeks ago and has transformed into a cool, yet doting mother while my other friend has happily accepted her situation and is bound to get married in two months like her life is instantly played out magically before her eyes.

My two girl housemates before almost had babies at the same period. Now they're married and I'm sure doting mothers. Two batchmates of mine are having theirs. One girl, not really a close friend of mine, had hers unexpectedly. My neighbor is pregnant and one of my favorite bloggers is having one.

Not really a fan of babies, it's always a challenge for me to attend showers and parties related to it. I often feel that I couldn't relate and I wouldn't know what to do with the gifts. Good thing the information is limitless on the net and I could get a hand of a few gift items in one click.

For diaper/nappy cakes and other kiddie stuff click here.
Since I have a fascination for celebration, this is one of the most popular gifts for baby showers. It's so nice to look at and it's very practical.

Going for more organic products for the mothers and the kids, click here.
I'm now into organic products. Nothing beats going natural and the new product additions of this trusted natural soap dealer are specially formulated for mothers and babies. You could go thoughtful and useful with this.

IF you want to be more fashionable and trendy, click here for more information.
This is funky and one of a kind. I love the idea. I first saw this in a bazaar in Rockwell Powerplant.

Of course there is always the usual gift of flowers, designed cakes/cupcakes from leading cake stores and multiply sites like this, and the normal gift items you'd find in department stores. But if you don't want go through the hassle of searching, then I suggest that you should go organic, go for the nappy cakes or the funky kid clothes. It works all the time and it saved me a lot of usual dreaded troubles.

Now moving on to other items.

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