Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Harvey's 1st year Photo Blog

He was born on August 18, 2008, but I got him last November 1st as an anniversary gift. It was planned.

Time flies when you enjoy it.

November 1st: Harvey's 1st pictures

Got him in West Ave. QC on November 1. He's 2 1/2 months old. He liked curling up and nagpapa-baby pa. On that same day, we went to Tiendesitas and got himleash and dog supplies. Then we went to Serendra to get my cupcakes for my cousin DEN, as November 1 is also her birthday. Harvey gets around.

Mitch was watching over Harvey while I got the cupcakes. The relationship started to brew.

Finally after a long day, I brought him home with his comfy Camo bed and yummy new bone. He finally met the family and got to live in our old house even for just a couple of days.

A couple of days later, we took him to the other house so that he has room to run around. It was there where we saw him run and fly as JRTs are known to do.

Last November 23rd, we had a house blessing. Shots were taken by my cousin Denden who just bought her new Canon SLR. Harvey is one of her first subjects.

December is always a busy month for all of us. Getting food. Attending parties and ugh..shopping. Harvey's always on the move. Here are some of the December 2008 Shots.

Even though we transferred to our new home, we still had stuff to get from our old house. We sometimes use the old house as our playground.

The pictures of Mitch and Harvey always crack me up. They project that they're not best of friends, but I'm sure they love each other to pieces (harhar). Harvey never fails to piss off Mitch and Mitch never fails to discipline him. Aren't they cute together?

December 20ish my sister and I went to shop for my birthday party. Harvey was with us. Karla was the only one who enjoyed. Harvey and I got bored.

Merry Christmas Harvey! Christmas 2008

Papa's thanksgiving dinner and Pre-New Year events. December 30ish.

*If he wants something, he never tires to get it.

New Year 2009. Harvey stayed up late like the rest of us, but I guess he got stressed with the fireworks. He went missing until we saw him peacefully sleeping in Ate Ne's bed. Fool.

January 20th Rocky's Pancake Birthday treat. I cooked pancakes for Rocky and Harvey helped me deliver it.

April 2009 Random shots
May 2009 Shots. Carwash. Dog Shopping and Taking a Bath

He is becoming more independent now. He can go in and out of the kitchen door as he pleases and he is not a hassle to travel with. Since he is more active, he gets a bath at least once in two days.

Lastly, July 2009, Mitch and I went home one afternoon and decided to have a photo op with Harvey. All wonderful pictures were taken by Mitch Bautista.

For one year I found out a lot of things about you, and with JRTs in general.

1. He likes to run around in wide open spaces. Good luck catching him.
2. He likes to hunt for things and often comes up with dead cockroaches, rats and other stuff he thinks are valuable.
3. He likes to play chase and sometimes gives me motivation for it. (Gets something valuable from you like shoes, bags, etc.)
4. He likes to jog and roam around the village park.
5. He is cool with dogs. He likes to befriend them, but at the end harasses them by playing rough even with dogs twice his size.
6. He is too courageous for his own good. He doesn't recognize size.
7. If he hates you at the moment, he never fails to show it by pulling your shorts and pisses at your feet.
8. If he likes you, he'll never stop getting your attention.
9. He likes parties because he loves people and showing off, which makes him not a good guard dog.
10. He likes squeaky toys, balls and anything he can chase with.

Happy 1st birthday, Harvey! Your party is coming up pretty soon!

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