Wednesday, August 5, 2009

May Cory Magic Never Die

Cory Aquino is an individual who can effortlessly gather hundreds to thousands of people on the streets in the most uncomfortable circumstances either under the scorching heat of the sun or the drizzle of the unforgiving rains. That's Cory Magic.

She is the embodiment of simplicity and grace who is an educated housewife, a grieving widow and an overly simple individual who became the most influential, loved and purest President this country could ever produce. That's Cory Magic.

She is a loving mother who reared her children to the best of her abilities, accepted them with all their beauty and faults. Protected them and guided them through all hardships. In the end, she became the mother of the Filipino people. That's Cory Magic.

She is a spiritual citizen that used rosary instead of sword, offered prayer instead of orders. She influenced her family, her co-workers, the entire nation to be good and lead by example. That's Cory Magic.

Now that she has died and the whole nation is grieving, we are still in awe to feel the Cory Magic became stronger and more evident than ever.

Political Feud melted. That's Cory Magic.

No police reports or incidents reported during the grueling public viewing and wake. That's Cory Magic.

Tugged the hearts of many and made heartless people cry over and over again. That's Cory Magic.

Reports of sudden surge of kindness to neighbors and the feeling of intense nationalism. That's Cory Magic.

For having my father get up and make extra efforts to pay his last respects the unconventional way. That's Cory Magic.

For offering simple sacrifices without asking for anything in return. That for me is Cory Magic.

May CORY MAGIC never die! Rest in Peace, dearest.

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