Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cory Aquino RIP

Yesterday morning, August 1, I woke up relatively early and was in deep need to go to the bathroom. It was then that I realized I slept at the guest room again, which would make my mom mad. Apparently I've chosen the guest room as my sick room since it has a terrace, tv, personal bathroom and the bed was just high and big with the most comfy comforters. Not that my room is not pleasant enough, but I'd rather leave my room pristine and virus free. I never open the windows there, but the guest room has great view with large windows I could open to get me some fresh air.

I turned on the television on my way to the bathroom and it was tuned in at channel 2. I heard Cheryl Cosim's voice talking to a field reporter. I tried to remember what I watched at channel 2 last night when I thought I dozed off watching an old cartoon at CN. I was in the bathroom when I first heard the breaking news that former President Cory Aquino died at 3:18 am in Makati Medical Center due to a cardio-respiratory attack. Aside from that, nation knows she's been battling colon cancer for a year now and had stopped undergoing medical treatment almost a month ago.

As I curse my itchiness and colds, I began to watch the replays of the ambush interview of Boy Abunda and the formal announcement done by Sen. Benigno Aquino. Silently I offered my condolences.

Yesterday of practically not doing anything, creating such an unproductive and gluttonous day in my life, I watched the stations offer their live wake coverage and tribute to the glorified Cory Aquino. I admit I was ashamed. I'm no near her greatness. Colds, fever and allergies would instantly make me bulk. I could never be that charismatic and people friendly and I may never have enough strength to restrain my anger. As for intelligence, faithfulness and perseverance, I totally give her that. I humbly recognize that she was one amazing woman. A housewife from a privileged family, took it upon herself to raise a complex nation such as ours. It entails great sacrifice and wit. A great sacrifice of privacy, time with family, sanity and all the simple things that go with it. But Cory Aquino, much to her faith, good will and intelligence, stuck through the times and tried to get Philippines back on its feet. She may not have the political background and expertise, but put any good mother at the helm and you have united children working through the same cause. She may not be the entire soul that personally mobilized socio-economics and politics, but she is the only soul that inspired the people to do good. As they say, she represents the best of what a Filipino could be, and I would never contest that.

I may have never experienced Martial Law and her appointment to the office was something I couldn't remember. When she was ruling, I was trying hard to learn my fractions and memorizing names for our History class. IF there's a personal recollection I have of her, it's her advocacy after becoming president, and not to mention fulfilling the role of the ever understanding mother to the controversial and popular celebrity daughter Kris Aquino. But her presence was not questioned even to younger generations who are clueless of her greatness. She gave us freedom after all.

Now she's gone and her life instantly rewinds before our eyes through interviews, memorabilia and old school footage during her reign. It is a sad day that we have lost one of the best Filipinos this country could ever produce. She is the anti-thesis of her kind , but she made it work and lived in glory for the rest of her life. I just hope she's already at peace and happy. She deserves it after leading 76 years of extraordinary life.

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