Sunday, August 2, 2009

Been listening to Queen

I'm a die hard fan of Queen's music. Not the individual stardom of band members and personalities, but their music and live performances. Their songs are phenomenal. Their performances were euphoric.

If they were to have a concert here in Manila, I'd buy VIP tickets up front. I'm that kind of fan.

But like most of us know that would never happen. Freddie Mercury, the phenomenal musician and artist, had long been performing in his own musical heaven. And Queen is one of those bands that couldn't do without their leading man. It's not complete drama and theatrics without Freddie Mercury. Maybe that's why I gravitated towards American Idol's Adam Lambert so hard. So they theorized.

But I belong to the generation of living proof that their music and legend live on. Death is not the end for these people for they have become immortal. Not the end for Freddie Mercury, nor for Michael Jackson or Cory Aquino. If not, it intensified their presence.

I was listening to Queen perform Love of My Life in Japan while making a post about the late Cory Aquino. I got carried away. I guess one post led to another. Hence...

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