Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tummy and Weather Forecast

Weather forecasts say that it's going to rain for three straight days. To be specific, weather analysts are on the lookout for three looming depressions circling the globe. Expecting the worst, three storms would hit the Philippines this month. Not really the type of news you'd want to hear on the first day of the month.

But you know what's good on a rainy season like this? Good food.

I don't know about you, but when it rains, good food is always on my mind. Getting stuck at home with full blast cable, internet and good book is a party for me and no party is complete without comfort food. If the weather is comforting, good food would definitely complement it. All these would inevitably massage the mind to raise more endorphins and gradually find more reasons to dismiss control and consume food more than intended. Okay, that last sentence wasn't scientific, but a personal theory I have developed.

Since we're on the topic of comfort food, why don't I share with you some of my reliable source of comfort during rainy seasons.

1. Luk Yuen Fish Fillet Congee with wanton chips and fresh egg
2. North Park Lechon Macau with Yang Chow
3. Dencio's Bangus Sisig with Scrambled Egg
4. Four Cheese/White Cheese Pizza of Brooklyn
5. Mr. Choi's Seafood Rice Toppings
6. Luk Yuen Set of dimsum
7. Samurai Foods Takoyaki
8. Omakase's American Dream
9. Ground Beef Burrito of Mexicali
10. Savory Chicken with KFC's macaroni

1. Chocolate Souffle of Max Brenner with Vanilla Ice Cream
2. Banapple Banoffee Pie
3. Seattle's Best Double Fudge Brownie
4. Crepes and Creme's Banana De Leche with Vanilla Ice Cream
5. Dessert Du Jour's 20 layer vanilla crepe
6. Seattle's Best Cafe Mocha with Chocolate stick and cream (hahaha! Yikes)
7. Tita Techie's Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream
8. BTIC's Kahlua Brownie over Lemon Chiffon Cake
9. Banana Crepe with Condensed milk or Hershey's syrup
10. Red Velvet Cake of Karen's Kitchen

Ah..they say three days will be gloomy? Just Perfect.

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