Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Runnr: To Run or Not to Run

I read in a newspaper this morning that a specialty running store, simply named RUNNR, is now open at Bonifacio High Street. Naturally, I would’ve skipped to other announcements since clearly this store has nothing to do with my life right now. But amazingly I read on and felt a budding interest in getting physical. I was intrigued and amused on how the store boasts its wide array of shoes, attire, accessories and gears. From technologically assimilated selection process to the impressive display of gears and accessories, this store has it all with edge.

I’m not a runner and I doubt if I would ever become one soon, but the mere fact that this store interests me makes me wonder if I should take my desire of leading an active (sporty) lifestyle seriously. Running seems to be a basic and a good activity to start. But I should never get too excited though. Basically, I just like the store. Let’s just see where this interest will take me.

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