Sunday, August 2, 2009

No Frills Indoor Craving

I was craving for a hot, juicy well done steak yesterday. Everyone in the house knew. I kept on chanting steak...steak...steak...until I actually did something about it. Call it a hunger for succulent red meat, but at this point, it's the only meat I'm allowed to eat. I was trying to bribe my brother to join me for a steak lunch out while the rain poured hard. The sky ended up to be so gloomy that the bed looked ultra attractive and it was not even 12 pm. As much as I wanted to go out and have a hot Cafe Mocha at Seattle's Best after, I couldn't find the energy. The energy transpired into something else.

I went to the kitchen and decided to make an Italian Herb Spaghetti and Hamburger steak. Sounds hard enough, but it isn't. I just asked one of our maids to go to the nearby store to buy a half kilo of beef, while I cut onions, garlic and pepper. While she's doing that, I pulled out a Chunky Italian Herb Del Monte Sauce and cooked the noodles. I just heated the sauce with the extra garlic and pepper and mixed the cooked noodles in. In 15 minutes, I have my no-frills Italian Herb pasta.

After cooking the spaghetti, we mixed the ground beef, garlic, onions, soy sauce, cornstarch and eggs to make a tasteful mini hamburger steak. It's Ate Ne's expertise mixture so I let her take all the credit for this one.

The spaghetti, despite the lack of sahog, was yummy. I'm advertising the Del Monte Chunky sauce for quick spaghetti fix by the way. The mini hamburger steaks equally satisfied my craving for meat, plus I can have lots of servings. Bottomless Iced tea, mini hamburger steak, spaghetti and it just cost me 150 bucks (for the ground pork, the rest of the ingredients was provided at home). Eating while watching When Harry Met Sally was more than what I had wished for. Priceless lunch.

After the interval of 2 hours, we decided to make a banana chocolate crepe. With Nanay beside me, we got our Maya hotcake mix, eggs, bananas and the chocolate syrup I bought a couple of months ago when I made my infamous sundaes for my Cebu relatives.

Cooking the crepe was easy. It just has a different mixture and consistency as that of pancakes. Good thing the house has every ingredient in stock. We served it up for the entire household, even Harvey got his share minus the chocolate.

Mind you, this only happens when it rains. I do get possessed sometimes.

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