Monday, August 17, 2009

Dorian Gray: The movie 2009

I read The Picture of Dorian Gray when I was in College. The book was published by Penguin Classics that really don't cost much together with Silas Marner, Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre. I thought it was time to catch up on my classic literature.

Of all the classic books I've read to date this is probably in my top 3. The Picture of Dorian Gray written by Oscar Wilde has attitude. For me, the characters are intricately exaggerated verging to sheer greatness of their kind, flaws and all. The conceitedness, the innocence, the immense beauty and flaws of Dorian Gray make me want to meet him more. The subtle corruption of human relationships is interesting to read. It's a story that tackles morality, perception, beliefs and the ambiguous power of beauty.

Aside from intellectual conversations that made me think of my own perceptions, this book is entertainment at its finest. It's eerie. The characters have flaws left and right. And this mirrors what a human could do to himself and to others just to satisfy the thirst for beauty, acceptance and security of sexuality.

And after years of being fan of the book, we have the movie.

Naturally, I would have high expectations for the actor playing Dorian Gray. This is the man that should emulate beauty at its finest. This man should be able to charm everyone and make people weak, boys and girls alike, on their knees. Surely he should be universally handsome and breathtaking for his own good. Ben Barnes is a safe choice. He has the heart throb aura girls would freak over. He is quite in the middle of becoming a man, but still in his 'boyish' stages. It would just now depend on how he will bring Dorian Gray to life. Coupled with Lord Henry Wotton played by Colin Firth would be a treat.

I know there have been old movie and tv adaptations of this novel, but this one promises to delve more on the eerie and murky parts. I loved it when the movie LXG (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) included Dorian Gray into the team line up. He was played by the dashing Stuart Townsend, a much mature version of a character who ended up to be the traitor. As expected. I can't wait! I hope this gets shown here in the Philippines fast!


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hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

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Teeyah. said...

I watched it on DVD but never read the book. Scary and eerie sya :( And Ben Barnes is just so hot.