Friday, August 28, 2009

Ewan ko Nalang: Politics

Ewan ko nalang ha.

Just to remind the forgetful ones. Ex President Joseph Estrada was found guilty by the higher courts and was ousted by the people, the more knowledgeable people who cannot be bribed, out of Malacanang. Contrary to the just results, he still claims that he is not guilty. Fine.

He was eventually pardoned and became more active in the political scene. Since he lives in a democratic country, no one could stop him from "helping" and reaching out to his thousands of supporters. He still appears to be engaged in politicking. Fine.

But one day, out of irritation because of the failed unity of the opposition in the coming elections, he decided to run again for Presidency, which eventually pushed him to the second place in the presidential polls. Polls may not 100% predict the outcome, but I have to admit that it's still a disturbing and scary result. Definitely not fine.

Didn't we learn our lesson? I may not know if he's really changed his ways or he has been more efficient than before. There is no question that he is sincere in helping the Filipino people and he has lots of supporters, but does he have to run again for Presidency just to prove his goodness?

If he plans to redeem his name by running again and show us that he could do a better job, I suggest don't. Philippine Governance is not a joke and an avenue for redemption. If he wants to help and unite the Filipino people, he may do so in non-governmental organizations, charity works and local offices if he really wants to stay in politics. Presidency should be out of the question.

If he wins, would that put us in a confident light in a global scene? We ousted a convicted president only to put him back again. That seems very indecisive and confused of us as a nation. Do we even have confidence in him to make this country a better place? I'm sure lots of people do, but those people are obviously the self-centered, bribed ones, that do not know better than to rely on their emotions and twisted ideals.

If he's running just to shake the votes of the Filipino people amongst the hungry, young and more capable candidates, then he is doing a good job at it. But do we seriously need this show?

We're already sick of politics and we're tired of partisanship issues. Heck, we're tired of lobbying and trying to oust one president to another. We need a President that is tough, that could really rear the nation towards progress. We need a President that the Filipino majority, not 50% not 60%, but hopefully at least 90%, we can have confidence in. We need a President we can still trust and support. If that's still ERAP, ewan ko nalang.

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