Monday, August 10, 2009

Why can't he shut up sometimes?

Willie Revillame is probably one of the most successful TV hosts in the history of noontime shows of this country. I'd give him that. It's not easy to do the same thing every single day especially on national TV. Through the times he has proven himself a capable host, entertainer and creative genius. I could just imagine the intense work that comes with charming audiences internationally and locally, creating new segments, doing side projects (albums) and maintaining the entertainment quality and credibility of the show.

No wonder that with the show's smashing ratings and W.R.'s ultimately "masa and jokester" appeal, the management of the media company gave him absolute power. He chooses the sponsors, at some extent he has power to fire and hire people on the spot, he can easily manage cash flows and he can dictate how his program will play out. Time and time again we have all been witnesses to that.

As I somehow admire his dedication and capabilities as a host, I'm not quite amused on how he chooses to air his grievances, irritation and malicious jokes on national TV. I'm not at all surprised to regularly find out that he finds himself in yet another squabble with the MTRCB or with another celebrity. Sometimes his mouth is unstoppable and his arrogance reeking. Just like what he did in vocally pouring out his irritation on seeing the live feed of Cory Aquino's burial in his show. True he has a point, but he could've vented out his issues privately, screamed his head in the office of the management during commercials. But no, he decides to show his irritation like a child in national TV. He calls it being real, I call it being immature and inappropriate. But he apologized, the Aquino family accepted, that should be the end of story.

I cannot list down every little joke that personally offended me. Most of the times, I let it pass because I've accepted that it's who he is. It's practically a hopeless case. But when I found out the story of this woman, filing a complaint because the host allegedly linked her husband to one of the dancers, which included remarks that had affected her children, family and relations, I thought he really had gone too far. He needs to be accountable. He needs to learn a lesson.

He may be good at making people feel at home, cry and pour out their sentiments at his most faved show WOWOWEE, but sometimes his arrogance gets the best of him. He cannot, even for the life of him, shut up. He defends it by stressing out the he is just being real, but in being real one doesn't have to be hurtful or vulgar. Having fun doesn't necessarily involve hurtful remarks. He has avenues for that, certainly not on National TV. Waiting for the opportune and formal time to vent out his frustrations and issues doesn't make him any less effective or real. It makes him a professional. It adds to the overall package of a good host. For now, it's always going to be a love-hate relationship with him.

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Anonymous said...

he is not your average emcee comedian. he has low IQ and no EQ, in short-- nonsense. he is one of the reasons why the common filipino has gone deep into the zonkers---he and his ilk have made a lot of our countrymen into lowlifes.