Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rocky's Quasi-Homecoming

I'm not an emotional person. I don't cry easily and I seldom feel my heart would involuntarily crush. With limited and selective interaction that I have, there are just few times that I did cry (in public or not) and usually it's because of frustration and anger never out of loneliness and heartwarming moments. Funerals don't even count because I get moved when helpless people are crying and general aura of loss and sadness is quite impossible to counteract.

But when Mitch and I went to the Vet to finally bring Rocky home from his confinement, I felt my heart lurched. Upon entering the office, Rocky stood up and went wild, happy wild, upon seeing Mitch, his master. Mitch patted him and soothed him with words that Rocky couldn't understand. But the mere presence and the contact made Rocky think of his family, his home. Rocky kept on looking at Mitch intently as if a dog's attempting to do a mental telepathy. His eyes, his whimpering, his uneasiness speak of home.

It's truly a hard and tough time for Mitch to see his dog, his first ever baby, in an unfortunate condition. I couldn't imagine what I'd do if it were to happen to Harvey. But now that the bills have been paid and Rocky is home, there are certain things that the master needs to consider. This is where morality and true love come in. The heart and mind would clash, but at the end the welfare of Rocky would always be the top priority. It might be the the master's hardest decision ever, but whatever Mitch decides, I would support him.

*Pix by Mitch Bautista

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