Friday, August 21, 2009

The hidden toy store in Divisoria

As most of you know from my previous blogs, I'm planning for Harvey's 1st birthday party. After contemplating, I've already picked the date and narrowed down my plans from decors to simple food. Since I'm technically in financial shambles, I'm working on a strict budget, which means simple menu and decorations.

There were things that I had to cross out. I had to cross out the extensive menu list that I originally planned of serving. I also had to be less ambitious on the theme and decorations. I don't want to strip Harvey of having a real authentic birthday party, but I don't want to bleed myself dry either. Besides, I still have to remind myself that Harvey wouldn't appreciate the nitty gritty details anyways. As long as there will be people and dogs, he'll be happy. He should be. Not every dog gets a birthday party with full effort.

One afternoon I was surfing at work until I came across the site. I was looking for tips on how to do the decorations and balloons myself just to curb the cost, when I read a post about getting party stuff and favors in Divisoria. While reading the very informative blog about a certain toy warehouse in Divisoria, that sells super cheap toys and party needs, I was immediately pumped. So, I immediately called my aunt to know what her plans are for the holiday. She being, an alternative shopper, agreed to make Friday a Divisoria day with me.

I printed the blog and took notes of the location of this certain store named Anding's Toy Store International. 15 bucks for 10 glossy loot bags is not something I could ignore. The timing seems classic.

At around 9 am, my aunt and I were ready to leave the house. I was contemplating if I would still bring a car, but my better judgment told me to take public transportation. The vision of driving after a tiring shopping spree is the least of my favorite things. I'd rather ride a jeep than drive tired. Besides, the mood was willing. So together with my aunt, we commuted from our house to Divisoria.

We took the jeep and had a medical stopover at the Adventist Hospital somewhere in Buendia, but right after lunch, in the dead heat, we took an FX that directly drove us to Divisoria.

Upon sensing we were there, we saw malls and busy people transporting, selling and buying goods. Walking into the busy streets made me feel alive and giddy. Despite the steaming euphoria of seeing cheap, raw stuff, I still focused on my goal.

While walking, I saw a building with a large banner that says "Kiddie Party Favors." I quickly dragged my aunt there and saw that they have good selections of party toys, aids and candies. Although the prices were cheap, it didn't meet the figures I read in the blog, all of which could be found at Anding's Toys Store. Being sensible, I decided to give Anding's Toy Store a try before finally buying from the air-conditioned store.

After roaming around and looking for a signage, I finally took the liberty in asking someone on where to find the famed toy store. It wasn't hard. All the vendors know where.

Anding's Toy International, a popular toy and party store in Divisoria, is at the second floor of an old orange building just across Divisoria Mall in Tabora St. The building may look deserted, but there is a large escalator, which would lead to the vastness of the second floor full of toys. I realized upon getting there that it was not a simple store, it's a wonder warehouse of toys and party needs.

Avoiding temptation, I went to the party needs section and bought some stuff.

  • Party Loot bags (10 pcs) for 12-15 pesos (Depends on the design)
  • Banners (pc) for 20-30 Pesos
  • Bubble bottles 10 pesos each
  • Masks (25 pcs) 40 pesos
  • Frisbees (3 Pcs) 20 pesos
  • Pabitin (pc) 20 pesos only (Glossy / foldable)

2 plastic bags and a pabitin in tow just amounted to 320 pesos. Imagine that. I even saw other toys that I wanted to buy for myself. This toy warehouse could also cater to people who are attending costume parties. They have wigs, costumes, masks and props. Don't forget. They're all cheap.

Anding's Toy Store International is truly a hidden gem in Divisoria. The store is perfect for christmas shopping and for people planning a DIY party. Once you've been here, you will never see the toy section of a leading department store the same way ever again. It is where department stores shop for their supplies. Now you know the secret. It's a cheap wonderland I highly recommend!

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