Monday, August 3, 2009

Full of Cory Spirit today

It was full of Cory Aquino spirit today. I was bursting with it. By the time I saw the confetti from the office window, I immediately grabbed my cellular phone, camera, wallet and immediately dashed out of the office regardless if I'm alone or not.

As it turned out, I ended up walking alone to the Ayala Corner Paseo De Roxas intersection to participate in Cory Aquino's last procession. The remains were to momentarily stop in front of Ninoy Aquino's statue so that the people could give their last personal tribute or farewell to the beloved president. I didn't expect to see the coffin upfront because when I got there, hundreds were already squirmed at the center. But I knew being there was more than enough.

It was a slightly uncomfortable situation, I must admit. The weather was sweltering with burning intensity of the strongest afternoon sun. Such a small price to pay. But despite the walk, the heat and the crowd, people in slacks, professionals who collectively emerged from their office buildings, walked to the center. Some were wearing yellow shirts like me, but majority came in various colors. Despite the variety in color, there was unity in spirit.

We waited patiently for the carriage as the confetti kept on floating in mid-air. Then the music played heartfelt songs that are guaranteed to take anyone back to those strong nationalistic moments. Some people admitted laughingly that they felt like crying, while others just silently shed a tear or two.

When Cory's coffin finally arrived draped with an attractive Philippine Flag, the public clapped and listened while the city Mayor collectively sent out a message to the revered president. Clapping and cheering were heard once more and the chant of her name seemed to emanate from the announcer's mic. Solemnly, the public offered a prayer for Cory Aquino and by the time the Glory Be was finished it was already 1 pm. Just like the end of any lunch time, people dispersed and went back to their offices to resume their daily tasks, but without a spirit less.


After the procession, I decided to pass by Paseo Center to get McDonald's for take out. Also, it was my plan to go to Office Warehouse to buy meters of yellow ribbon. I decided to tie ribbons at our house and to our cars until the funeral on Wednesday. Right now I am just so amazed by her that it's not so hard to get carried away. The spirit and sincerity are spilling out.

When I got to Office Warehouse, their yellow ribbon was apparently sold out. Not even a faint shade of yellow ribbon was to be seen. I just ended up grabbing my lunch at McDonald's and dropped by 711 to try my luck, but they don't sell ribbons pala. So I just thought of leaving early from work to pass by National Bookstore in Greenbelt.

When I got to National Bookstore, Mitch met me and helped me get my ribbons. At the Gift wrapping section, different kinds of yellow rope and expensive yellow ribbons were already grouped in one basket. I tried to look for a cheaper and more appropriate yellow ribbon not resembling a doiley, but the saleslady told us that the stock was wiped out since last weekend. I decided to settle for a dark yellow or almost yellow orange colored ribbon instead while three ladies behind me were also looking for ribbons to tie to their cars and houses. I bought 10 yards of ribbon as Mitch brought 1 yard to tie to his car's antenna. When we drove home we saw a relatively good number of cars with their side mirrors and antenna tied with yellow ribbons. The sight was comforting.


When I got home, I presented the ribbons to my mom who was surprisingly amused of my idea. I enlisted the help of Ate Mai in tying the ribbons to our mini-trees outside the house. Although the ribbons may not be grand, I'd like to think it would serve its purpose to commemorate her greatness.

The remaining ribbons I tied to my sister's car's side mirror and the rest I tied to the front emblem of my dad's business car. The rest, Harvey gnawed.

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