Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Busy Girl. Happy Long Weekend.

Our weekend is extended due to a holiday on Monday and it's going to be longer for me because tomorrow I'm officially on leave. Yehey! I just added one day of vacation, which is Friday, and will be back for work on Tuesday! But my leave has a purpose. Tomorrow is intended for the much needed preparation for Harvey's birthday, which means fun work.

Last Wednesday I asked the driver to drop me off at SM Makati for me to buy additional stuff for the party. I got there earlier than expected that I opened the whole department store and joined the flag ceremony. I immediately went to Toy Kingdom, which is huge and a place that I miss. I went to the sophisticated party favors section got five packs of balloons, which cost a fortune. 10 pcs of balloons per pack easily cost me 50 bucks. I totally regret not buying balloons at Divisoria. It never occurred to me that I could borrow an air machine from our neighbor. After ordering 20 pieces of overpriced balloons at a party shop, I still decided to dig the opportunity of adding more balloons into the set, hence the emergency shopping. I also went to National Bookstore and bought crepe papers, art papers and ribbons for additional decoration aside from the banners I bought at Divisoria. I ended up spending almost a thousand for everything. When I got to the office, my colleagues found the added expenses weird. I admit I was possessed. My mother thinks that I'll transform my house into a fiesta house. But nothing could beat my aunt who ordered a birthday tarpaulin just for Harvey. I wonder, are we really doing the party for Harvey or for ourselves just to feed our imagination?

But all's been paid for and done. My credit card is probably bleeding now and I haven't gotten to the part of buying food and groceries yet. That's why I took a leave for tomorrow. I will do my last minute groceries and my "art projects" for the party. And after the day ends, I am scheduled to have dinner with my team in Makati. I guess from the moment that I will wake up till I sleep, Friday is going to be very busy.

Nevertheless, I'm excited. I'll definitely be more exhausted, but at the same time I'm so happy for this long weekend. I smell that it's going to be very promising. Hold the rain (at least for Saturday), the bad vibes and incompetency, and consider me a very happy girl.

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