Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Reasons to Celebrate

I have 2 major reasons to celebrate today.


Today, August 18th, official marks my 1st year anniversary at work. My fourth job in 5 years and I'm not the type who would stay for six months
if the circumstances were odd and unfortunate. Surviving 1 year and not feeling it just means, I'm enjoying, I'm comfortable and I'm still challenged.

I can still freshly remember what I did on my first day and the quirky impressions I have on my workstations and colleagues. I was timid, shy and very protective of myself back then. Now I'm comfortable and at ease with my surroundings. It really takes a full year to appreciate and absorb that.

I thank God for the weird 2008 opportunities that directed me to this job. Good thing that my colleagues are very bearable. They're kind, funny and smart, some
good people I can really relate with. I thank the type of workstation, benefits and career opportunities that make work challenging and somehow rewarding everyday. It makes people stay and work harder. I also thank the prestige that comes with my company, for having its people proud to be associated with its organization. The opportunities definitely outweigh the difficulties. I could not ask for more.

1st year is a blast getting to know myself, my colleagues and my work expectations. Now that the 1st year of hard work and fun is over, I look forward to smashing, more challenging and more fulfilling years ahead. Now, it's showtime!


Exactly at this date of 2008, Jack Russell Terrier puppies were born and the one with the black eye markings and spotless white body was destined to accompany me in life.

For the second half of 2008, I had greatly pondered and desired for a dog, a puppy. A Beagle and a Jack Russell Terrier were my only preferred breeds. Since Beagles are much easier to breed and look for, I had a couple of sightings from friends and strangers. They were cute, lovable and I'm sure very fulfilling to take care of, but the sudden push and the part where my blood would sky rocket weren't there. I whined, but still waited. I voraciously searched online and asked a couple of people for a Jack Russell Terrier breed. I just had to know the difference between 2 breeds. I even called a certified breeder in Pampanga and was about to seal the deal when Mitch called and told me to book November 1st, our anniversary, for a trip to West Avenue Quezon City.

November 1st, we traveled the almost deserted EDSA highway to West Avenue to visit a Kennel that cares for 2 1/2 months old JRTs. A
s much as Mitch tried to warn me to stay objective and not get bawled easily, I took his warnings to heart, but I was secretly ecstatic. When we reached the kennel, I saw different dog breeds at the side and we were directed to a small corner where we saw a cage where three JRT pups were squished. There were 2 male JRTS and 1 female, almost spotless except for a small circle on her right eye.

I cooed the 1st male JRT first. He has a small spot in his body and one black circle spot in his eye. He was playful. All of them were. He was circling around and jumping to get my attention, the markings of a JRT. The female was definitely cuter, more passive, and very promising. When I was just at the point of observing, the female and the other male JRT just looked at me with their head tilted while wagging their tails.
But there is this one JRT who kept on jumping and nearly squishing his brother and sister, begging to be released from the cage and begging for me to pet him. He was the more active one. His face was cute and he only has two large black markings in his eyes. I immediately locked my eyes on him and he looked back while jumping and squirming around. Just like an automatic response, I pointed him to the kennel owner and I said. "I want that one."

Almost a year has passed and he has given our family so much joy. He gave me another kind of responsibility that I never thought I could accomplish. He's not a perfect dog. He may be smart and very friendly, but he's too active and smart for his own good that it's sometimes painful to take care of him. But in those heated moments, it's not a surprise if I would muster a laugh or two. He's like a child that tests you and just feels sorry afterwards. Pray that he doesn't do it again though.
All in all, I consider him one of the best decisions of my life.

Pix by: http://www.psychologytoday.com/files/u45/1stbirthdaycake.jpg

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It very nice to see this pic. In life we are searching for celebrational occesions.


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