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2009 Horoscopes for You

I have an on-off relationship with Horoscopes and predictions. I'm not the type to squeeze in a few minutes reading the daily tidbits on how my day would likely turn out nor do I base my decisions on them. I am very observant on the repetitive usage of words and paraphrasing. "You are in luck." "An opportunity is coming your way" do not translate to me. These predictions and horoscopes do not outwardly affect me and how I carry on with my life. On the contrary, I prefer to read horoscopes when my day is about to end. I do check and balances for fun, but I do tend to over connect.

Perhaps I'm not taking this thing seriously or maturely. I never have, and I think I never will. Whenever I read a particular positive horoscope of mine that I like, I would privately wish that it would really materialize. But if I read a horoscope that irks me or is just outwardly negative, I tend to bash it and remind myself why I DON'T believe in this crap in the first place.

But I admit, it is interesting to get another point of view. It's a whole science of its own. The fact that Astrology is still here is enough proof that people are somehow keeping this alive. It might not have an impressive following and overflowing respect compared to any Science or Religion, but it must stand for something else. An alternative to see and explain things.

Here are a couple of predictions I've scooped up on the net: ( I picked this post because it has specific "astrology jargons," which makes all seem so scientific. This is for everyone's reading responsibility:


GOATS: 1943,1955,1967,1979,1991,2003

Goats can look forward to better luck in LOVE in 2009 - both male adn female. A single Goat will be luckier than the previous ear when it comes to dating, in fact being single and free could have contributed to this change of fate. While those who are already in a relationship would be looking forward to a more harmonious relationship, although the year could also bring them more time off from each other.

However, Goats should watch out for LOVE TRIANGLES that can destroy the otherwise harmonious relationship with their partner. And with two stars of gossip shining upon them, the Goats should learn to stay quiet and just work harder, remembering to mind his own business and not sticking his nose on others, otherwise it could only lead him to trouble.

But despite this, Goats can expect to have better interpersonal relationships. And with the star of GRACE guiding him, he will be able to acquire help from people with influence. Promotions, which could include salary raise, and personal developments are also waiting for the Goats in 2009. Indeed everything seems to look better.

One thing that Goats should also watch out is the physical condition of his/her partners, and with the star GUA SU shining on him, he is likely to feel lonely along with other emotional problems. While everything really seems to look better, there are still quite a number of negative or unlucky stars shining on the Goat, threatening his health and interpersonal relationships that is he should always be conscious and pay attention to these departments so as not to hinder his career development.

MONKEYS (1944,1956,1968,1980,1992,2004)

Monkey has two LUCKY stars shining on him, and these are YI MA and WEN CHANG which an bring him better luck in career and learning. YI MA, which is a star of Mobility, is the reason why Monkeys can have better fortune traveling. He can actually look to a better career in distant places. Earning income through traveling is very much possible, in foreign currency even. And the more traveling the Monkey makes, the more income he is likely to earn.

WEN CHANG is a star that represents Intellectual Achievements. For the monkey who is an academic researcher of whose job is clerical in nature, this star can bring good luck to them. The same goes true to students and those who are in the creative and design industries, they also stand to benefit as long as they have clear thinking, are energetic and inspired.

2009 is a good year for the Monkey to take further education as he would have luck, excellent luck to be exact, in taking examinations. Promotions that require taking examination will see the Monkey succeeding in getting it.

ROOSTERS (1933,1945,1957,1969,1981,1993,2005)

Roosters should brace themselves and be prepared for oncoming pressures in the year of the OX. But just like the Dragon, the saying "one joyful event can offset three possible mishaps" is applicable to the Rooster. This means that the Rooster should work extra hard to make these joyful events happen, like getting married, getting pregnant or buying a new house. This way, any negative vibrations waiting for him could be offset and he will be having a more favorable fortune in 2009.

Fortunately, the Rooster has still one lucky star shining on him. TIAN YI star represents a superior, a supervisor or someone influential who will be taking care of the Rooster. This could also mean getting support from family members and friends.

But the Rooster should not be complacent, things may look bright and promising, but problems and unfavorable circumstances could be hiding around the corner. These may not all be too serious or fatal for the Rooster's success, but still he needs to be careful and work harder to avoid them. By working harder, be very extra cautious he will be having better luck as far as wealth, health and career are concerned. Always be prepared.

DOGS (1946,1958,1970,1982,1994,2006)

Dogs should brace themselves for changes in 2009. These changes which could go to extremes are either good or bad. Then again, having many happy and joyful events can help the Dog avoid the bad and negative events from happening. Getting a baby, getting a new house or getting married can offset any mishaps and redirect negative energy towards positive direction.

Dogs are also advised to stay on the move or be mobile. By being always on teh move and consciously introducting changes to his life, the Dog can turn negative energy to good ones. It would be a good year to pursue plans of working abroad or going overseas, same goes true in renovating the house.

There are 2 lucky stars on the dog. These are HUA GAI and SUI JIA. HUA GAI represents artistic ability, intelligence and inspiration. This means that Dogs in the creative and design businesses would be more productive as they get lots of inspiration and at the same time enjoy more appreciation and recognition in this year. SUI JIA which represents progress and career promotion, the DOG can really look forward to a brighter year with a good chance of getting a good career luck.

The stars that the Dog should watch out for are the unlucky stars JIAN FENG, FU SHI, HUANG FAN and SAN XING. SAN XING connotes poor human relationships while JIAN FENG means injuries brought about my metal objects. By donating blood or getting the teeth cleaned by dentist, the Dog can avoid these injuries. He is also advised to attend more joyful occasions as this could boost his luck. If it is necessary for Dogs to handle metal objects, they should be careful and always wear protection.

FU SHI is a star that can bring poor communication between family members that could lead to arguments. This star can also affects the Dog's health adversely which an be offset by doing more good deeds. HUANG FAN would in turn be bringing immense mental pressure that is associated in the Dog's career success. This can cause the Dog to work harder in order to achieve success. He is also advised to take extra caution and make sure he has enough time to rest, in spite of his busy work schedule.

PIGS (1947,1959,1971,1983,1995)

Pigs who are already in a relationship might suddenly get married in the year of the OX, married Pigs on the other hand might get pregnant. The are quite a number of powerful stars shining on the Pig in 2009, which will favorably influence love luck and career luck. However, there are also some unlucky stars like GU CHEN, HUI QI and JIE SHA, that will make the Pig feel restless with mood swings and he will get easily frustrated. He should also be prepared all the time for this year.

TAI YANG, one of the lucky stars, implies that the Pig will be able to get help from powerful male people, and those having a business with a male partner will also enjoy better luck this year. For teh single female Pig, TAI YANG would bring good luck to her in terms of love relationship. She is encouraged to travel to distant places to find better love luck and career luck since the star TAI YANG also signifies outbound energy. The female Pig will also be successful in developing a long-term relationship.

Other lucky stars,like YUE TANG which implies realization of the potential and clear logical thinking could bring a good year for those in strategic planning and creative industries, also for those engaged in clerical jobs. With the star TAI TANG, together with YUE TANG which symbolizes recognition and appreciation, the year of the Ox would definitely bring good luck in career for the Pig, as he can also expect many joyful events with the help of another lucky star TIAN XI.

Unfortunately, the loneliness star GU CHEN can make the Pig feel emotionally distressed. Together with another unlucky star HUA QI, the Pig could feel more alienated. This could mean that he might not get along well with everyone as he will be having trouble with poor communication. JIE SHA, the star of frustrations and difficulties, signifies the Pig would encounter trials and difficulties before succeeding. This in spite of influential males in his or her career. It is therefore advised that the Pig should persevere.

RATS (1948,1960,1972,1984,1996)

Rats will encounter major problems in terms of romantic relationships. He might discover that his partner is not really the one he wants and he might end up with a change of heart if he does not take care of his relationship.

But that is only on the love luck, otherwise, 2009 looks promising form the Rat in terms of career. TANG FU star, which represents leadership and authority, which could benefit those working on the management level and positions of authority as they can expect to have good performance. Another area benefiting from this star are those working in the outdoors such as field jobs.

However, this will not be handed to Rat on a silver platter, because the star TIAN JIE, the star of Marginal Nature. This could bring Frustrations and difficulties to the Rat. Another star TIAN CHU, which represents food and beverage, could bring good luck to rats who are engaged in the hotels and restaurant business. This star could also bring gastronomic pleasure to Rats, however it is advised not to indulge too much in food no matter how good it is, or else they might suffer from gastroenteritis. Personal hygiene should also be given special attention to.

SANG MEN, an unlucky star, can cause health problems to elderly family member, that is why he should pay special attention to them. Rats are also discouraged from rock climbing, scuba diving, parachuting and other adventurous and risky activities because of another unlucky star ZAI SHA.

Lastly, XIE YIN, which is an unlucky star represents injuries especially on the face or surgical operations. This could be preempted by the Rat getting his teeth cleaned or through blood donation.

OX (1949,1961,1973,1985,2009)

Male Ox can look forward to a better year in 2009 compared to their female counterpart as far as romantic department is concerned. The female Ox can only expect for short term romances, and she eve have to take initiatives sometimes. On the other hand, TAI YIN star is shining on them, which represents females with influence to help them out. The Male Ox expect to have better luck on love, and is likely to meet someone he likes.

Aside from the love factor, TAI YIN is also known as the Star of Wealth which means it can influence his luck on wealth positively. If the Male Ox is working under a female supervisor, he can expect more support and recognition, with a better chance of progress and development in his career. TAIY YIN signifies progress, it is slow yet steady. This means that the OX should not be pushy or rush his way, if he does his luck might go the other way.

Another lucky star shining on the Ox (1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 2009) in 2009 is Guo Yin, which is an authority star is also known as the seal of the General. This can be interpreted that his progress and developments will be recognized and achieved with much authority.

TIGER (1938 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998)

A Tiger should learn to hold his temper in the year of the Ox because of the unlucky stars shining in his constellation. These unlucky stars are Wu Gui, Di Sha, Zhi Bei and Guan Fu who all connotes poor human relationships. The advice “don’t make any decision when you are angry” suits the Tiger very well as he should avoid acting on impulse, otherwise he might hurt himself or get more into trouble. It is always better to stay calm amidst the crisis.

Guan Fu is a star that represents lawsuits and court cases. This means that the Tiger should be wary of any documents that he signs whenever he gets into a contract or an agreement. He should read every detail of the documents, specially the “fine prints” in order to avoid legal problems in the future.

And since unlucky stars of poor human relationships are shining upon him, the Tiger should be extra cautious with his colleagues and should beware of backstabbers. There is also a possibility of his lover getting suspicious of him and doubts that he is having an affair. The star Zhi Bei literally means backstabbing while Wu Gui represents backstabbers.

Gossips and rumors being spread by these backstabbers could ruin the Rooster’s relationships, he should be extra cautious of these people. But as long he keeps himself clean and does his part, the Rooster really has nothing to worry about these gossips.

In the Year of the Ox 2009, the star Wu Gui represents suspiciousness, which means that the Rooster himself might become suspicious that can make him paranoid and nervous. This could be avoided by having enough sleep, staying calm and always try to relax. Another unlucky star Di Sha means frustrations and difficulties. It may not be smooth ride for the Tiger, as he needs to overcome many hurdles before he can enjoy the fruits of his success.

But it is really not a bad year for the Tiger after all with the lucky star San Tai shining upon him. This star represents steady progress and career promotion. Tigers who are working with a clerical job can expect this star to work for them. Employees working in large companies and civil servants can also benefit from this star and make some progress.

DRAGONS (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000)

OX year would be bringing in some major changes in the life of the Dragon (1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000). However, these changes could either be good or bad, but they are crucial and there would be lots of them. Fortunately, there is a clue, as per an astrological theory. Joyful events could help minimize or offset the occurrence of possible mishaps. That means if the Dragon gets married, got pregnant or was able to buy a new house, it would offset the negative energy, preventing any mishap to happen. The more joyful events that would happen to the Snake, then the changes that he will encounter could be good. Be prepared.

Without any lucky key stars shining on the Ox in 2009, there wouldn’t be any much accomplishments for him. In fact, he should avoid being involved in any forms of investment or gambling as he likely to be on the losing end. The unlucky star Lan Gan can set obstacles on his career path, which is why the Dragon should really be prepared for anything in the coming year.

Being around influential people is not also advisable as the star Sui Po might cause him to offend them, and the star Yue Sha might bright him troubles caused by females. One way to avoid these is by constant traveling. Being constantly on the move can help minimize the effects of the negative energies.

HORSE ( 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990)

Horse should be prepared as his luck would go to both extremes in the year of the Ox. Lucky stars shining on him in 2009 would be able to help him achieve success in his career, however some unlucky stars are also shining that could bring him tragedies and difficulties. These difficulties he should all pass before he will be able to taste the fruits of his hard work.

One lucky star that has influence on his work and career is the lucky star Jiang Xing. This star represents bravery, stamina and persistence in achieving success. This star also signifies better social status and leadership skills, which would benefit the Horse who is involved in the upper management, disciplinary teams and key positions in large corporations. They can expect satisfactory performance this year.

The star Di Lie could bring the Horse major problems, but with the help of influential people he would be able to face all the problems and solve them. Another star, Di Jie signifies moving. This could mean a new house for the Horse, a new real estate or new furniture.

Bai Fu is a star that signifies animal bites, Horses who have pets or who are working closely with animals are advised to take extra caution. Another interpretation for the star Bai Fu is a woman without sense who might bring great annoyance to the Horse.

One star that means good luck in wealth and career is the star Jin Gui. However the Horse and his family members might suffer poor health and injury on limbs and some teeth problems. Overall, the Horse can expect to make progress in the year of the Ox, as he can also look to have some changes in his environment. However, special attention should be given to his own physical and mental health and he also need to take care of his family members.

SNAKE (1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001)

First the unlucky stars – Tian E, Bao Bai and Wang Shen. Tian E and Wang Shen could influence your family and cause elderly members to be sick, that is why they should be given more time and special attention. Bao Bai, on the other hand, signifies drastic fluctuations. In the relationships department, this can cause the Snake to be on an emotional roller coaster. As for financial investments and businesses, the Snake should be ready for sudden ups and downs of your sales performances as well as the money market. This is where “saving for the rainy days” would help the Snake in making it through future financial difficulties ahead.

With the unlucky stars out of the way, let us now focus on the lucky stars shining on the Snake in the year of the Ox, and there are many of them which can influence career development and love luck positively. One is the Hong Luan which is a powerful star of Relationships, Snakes who have been in a relationship for quite some time would finally be able to get married. However, the Snake should watch out and be aware of love triangles so he can avoid getting involved in them.

The star Zhi Wei could cause the Snake to have an improved leadership skill, as well as getting assistance from influential people, which can result to promotion and other career developments. And leading him to meet these influential people is the star Long De. Lastly, with the star Lu Xun shining on him, the Snake can expect more promotion and salary raise. This works both for wage earners as well as entrepreneurs, as they will both make progress in career and wealth.

Indeed, the coming year looks promising to the Snake, compared to previous years wherein he is lacking in key stars shining on him. Now, he can look forward for things to run smoothly that would eventually lead him to a happy life.

RABBIT (1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999)

Rabbits can look forward to a better in 2009 because of the number of stars of relationships shining on him in the year of the Ox. After going through many changes like reunions, separations, heated arguments and changing jobs, things will be more stable and favorable for him.

The star of Harmony Yue De symbolizes excellent human relationships and it can turn dangers into opportunities. This means that the Rabbit will be having people around him taking good care of him and supporting all his needs. The star Sui He is a star that represents harmony between spouses. This star can also help the Rabbit get support from his supervisors and/or superiors as well as from elderly family members.

Two stars, Tao Hua and Xian Chi, which are stars of Love Luck are working together to make the Rabbit be more attractive and charming than ever before. For married Rabbits however, it is advised that they practice extreme caution and try hard to resist temptations. Because with the two stars shining on them, they might be overwhelmed by people who will show interest in them, no matter what their gender maybe, or else they might become involved in love triangles. These people will do anything just to please them. For Single Rabbits, it is a good year to pursue that love interest because there is a good chance that they will be accepted.

Lastly, the stars Xiao Hao and Si Fu are two stars that the Rabbit should be aware of and take extra caution with. Because Xia Hao represents minor financial loss, which could be brought about by the money spent in entertaining more friends and lovers. Si Fu on the other hand represents an elderly male family member who might suffer from health which should be given special attention to.

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