Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"He's too good to be true"

Nope, it's not about BONO.

While I was discussing something with my dad last night, I was again distracted on what he was watching. Well but of course. It's Obama's inauguration moment. But I didn't see the exact "swearing over the bible" thing. What I saw was U2 being ecstatic for a new "day" and paying homage to Obama, while the cool, glorious president watched in peace.

It was a two mile party in the DC, not counting the tons of people glued to their TV screens. It was a joyous and a historical event, which is already an understatement. The glitz, amount of emotions and support is an overwhelming start to pump everyone to make that "great change." What a better way to start this year to pull up their economic slump and sustainably preserve the nation that the world recognizes as one of the most powerful nations of all time. True that while the inauguration takes place, business woes still mount and hopelessness still lurk. Stocks of big banks slumped double digits, there are middle east war matters to attend to, there are big economic, socio-political promises that need to materialize fast, and demand for strong diplomatic ties are abound. The inauguration may be emotional, peaceful and encouraging, but Obama has a lot on his plate.

It's true that he displayed intense charisma, level-headedness and wisdom all throughout his campaign. He made a steady and fast transition that bested some of his predecessors. He continued to pull up positive rankings, and in these days, faith is an essential part to make responsible changes. He has all the right people with him, his best law and senatorial experiences, his immense support from America and the World. He should take advantage and magnify all the overwhelming and positive things working for him right now. He needs all the help he could get.

Since he is very well liked for his steadfast nature and glorious visions, it is expected that a lot of people will look up to him and a lot of people will EXPECT something big from him. He may be one of the best and courageous leaders to step up in a time when just reading the news can be so depressing. But he is Barack Obama. He is the 44th President of the United States. He may project that he's destined to lead and that he had made his first moves with ease and great authority. A lot of people have been impressed in a short span of time and more will expect. In a time when pressure and rising catastrophy in all levels might make anyone give up, he is not the type who would do that. Despite Madame Auring's usually "INCREDIBLE" predictions that he wouldn't last. I would wager her on that. I know it seems scary and strange that Barack Obama is just too good to be true. But what's the point of being a pessimist? This is where FAITH and BELIEF come in handy.
Seriousness aside, for those who are still sourgraping...please, learn how to suck it and just cooperate. You're not helping.

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