Monday, January 12, 2009

Credit Card Boo-Boo

The first thing I did when I got to the office this lunch was to call the credit card companies, that I'm sure are very happy with my balooning last month's purchases. The call was a need for them to finally change some pertinent details. Since the past month has been so hectic and joyful, I've forgotten to change some minor, boring details of my traceable life.

Late last week, I received a decent whiplash from my father who found out that I was scrambling to get one of my credit card bills paid only to find out that it was already due three days ago. That particular information was something my father shouldn't have heard because he is very fond of making general presumptions. He would think that after all his financial "seminars" and "threats" I still ended up to be in a muck of debt. Apparently he doesn't know that I also have that kind of thinking that I would never swipe for something I know I cannot pay in the future. But still he didn't spare me from the passionate homily.

Knowing my father, I just kept to myself and didn't bother to debate any further. His accusations might not be exactly correct, but the whole thing was my fault anyways. I forgot to call the credit card companies to change my billing address and my bills ended up being rerouted back to the main office since no one was at the old house to claim them. The messengers were knocking at an empty house for the past month, which is the reason why I received my bills with expired dues glaring on print. Interest rates are foreign to me until now. Of course, I didn't tell him the real story because it would be another set of homily on responsibility. I explained to my mother. He will be told eventually.

If only my father knew how I'm very clean with my credit card transactions no matter how it would hurt me after. He doesn't know that he and I are one in terms of using credit cards. The moment I swipe, I know I had money tucked in and I am just too lazy and weary to carry cash. I am not a slave of credit cards, no matter how they suck all my financial marrow every after pay day. It doesn't matter. As long as I get paid in full, on or before the cut off date, then I'm happy.

So, after paying one of my credit cards that was due last week, I prioritized this task once and for all. I got to talk to a couple of agents, making sure my balance remains zero and made sure they updated my full profile. Credit cards for now and other change of documents later. Only if BIR and NBI have automated service via phone, then I'd be happy.

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