Monday, January 5, 2009

Confessions of Shopaholic Non Reader

I saw an interesting trailer of a movie CONFESSIONS of a SHOPAHOLIC.

Here are some things...

1. I've never read the book. Never had the priority and chance even though I know it's very successful, mainstream and a chick lit. Nothing entirely against chick lits, but I've had bad experiences before. Most chick lits I've read bored me to death because I just can't relate most of the times. Also the usual conflicts and resolutions are too irritating for me.

2. I may shop once in a while and I may purchase clothes using a credit card, but I know that whatever I'm swiping, I could pay for at a designated time. I don't wave bankruptcy because I'm addicted to shopping. I shop during a need, a sale or once to twice a year, hardly a shopaholic.

3. I'm not particular to brands. I'm not a slave of trends. I have pieces with me that date back to my grade school years. I thought there's no such a thing as shopaholic. It's a just a term people need to use to scientifically identify an impulsive adherence to shopping.

4. I thought I was a candidate, but I've alwasy been systematic as much as possible. And now, I've strengthened my focus and I don't just grab a book like a dust sweeper. I have intensified my goal to read my old books more than ever. I think I've been cured even before falling into the trap.

5. And since I'm back at work, the ability to watch the movie and paste the link and video in this blog, are therefore inactivated. Hence, I suggest you just google it up or type the movie title in

But I've seen the trailer and it's interesting enough for me. I like the actress. She has a quirky side, but she really looks like Amy Adams (Encahnted). There's a cause for confusion at some point. Jerry Bruckheimer produced the movie and Hugh Dancy's there, plus he can talk Gucci (Whatever that means I seriously want to know)

I might not entirely be the target of this plot, but it's been turned into a movie that's interesting enough to watch. The trailer is effective and I'm sensing the likes of Legally Blonde and Devil Wears Prada, although the theme is all about SHOPPING..duh. I may not totally get why "most" girls are considered shopaholics, but this movie might make me understand. The feeling of shopaholics as if they're "butter meling on hot toast" might be explained and appreciated. I'm expecting to relate in some points at least in the end of the movie. I think that's a fair enough expectation.

February is the date.

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