Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A clearly distracted and excited post

I can't think straight today. I'm temporarily distracted about something very SERIOUS. But this is a good type of distraction. Never thought that I would like it until someone presented the idea to me. My father has the knack of making spontaneous surprises and suggestions, although when I think about it, the practical and more sensible side of me would easily turn away from the opportunity.

I've gone through the familiar tunnel of need and want. Right now, this object of excitement is a need for me, although not a drastic one. Second, the voice of want is kicking in big time. As long as I know it would make me happy and I won't let anyone or myself end up in the gutter as I enjoy it, then I think I have the right and privilege to get it.

That's the thing about me. Clear possibilities without added baggage just excite me. And it's really hard for me to get EXCITED over something historic in my life because at this point, there might be no going back.

When I get to finalize things, maybe I'll tell. But for now, I'll relish the moment of "it being just a possibility."

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