Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just a few of my priorities

Speaking of money. When we had enough financial capability to meet our basic needs and security, last Christmas Mitch was able to give me a NETBOOK for my birthday present. However, if there's such a thing that money can't's TIME and CREATIVITY.

As much as I want to use Harriet Priscilla all the time, I am not able to do so for the past couple of days because I just don't have enough time. I go home late and always end up focusing on more strenuous tasks in the morning. Just because I don't leave things unfinished, I have ended up sacrificing my creative time with Harriet.

Mitch senses it of course, and I know he feels bad about it. I try to find time, but everything else seems to fall short. I promise this weekend, I will maximize her. I know there are GAZILLION of things that I need to attend to. This may seem a little bit strange, but by not not considering the value of resources that brought Harriet would just irritate me. Concern over money brought by lack of time may be an issue. Shame on me.

This weekend, I promise, whatever it takes, I'll find time.

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