Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's all about the Money

I know how important Money is. I'm not a hypocrite to just ignore the power and the conveniences of having lots of money. I sometimes find myself daydreaming about it on my way to work. I daydream about it at the office. Whenever I feel like it, I think about the pleasures of having lots of money once in a while.

I think there's nothing wrong with that. It doesn't go beyond greed. I just want to acquire enough money to purchase the things that I want for me and for my family. Above the luxuries it would bring, I want to give my loved ones security first and foremost.

I don't daydream about money to buy me diamonds, a car or a lavish party. Money is all about providing security for my family. Buying them a house, numerous insurance packages, treating them to a luxurious trip, things that would make my family relaxed and happy.

Some of us hit the jackpot early and are lucky enough to create their own version of financial empires. Some of us strive and succeed in the long run. Some of us continue to struggle just to make ends meet. And some of us are rich enough to be a fools for the conniving individuals. No matter what we do, we earn money to fulfill the basic needs as illustrated in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

Naturally we need mere sustenance to survive. We adhere to whatever biological demands we face. Basic things like food, sleep and water are our main concerns. Without this, forget about ever reaching the other tiers because it's either you are already dead or a vegetable. Second things that money can give is us SAFETY. This is where most of us grapple on.

We try to earn lots of money, not only to put food on the table, but to secure ourselves and our loved ones. Insurances, properties are not as cheap as food and water that's why some of us even find it a constant struggle to maintain and reach this. This is where our economic stability comes in. To be able to think about paying off your house, your car, your insurances would mean that basic necessities are already met and more demand for resources are earned.

Some are lucky enough to achieve their needs and securities and they move on to the intangible side of human life. Here they can manage to maintain friends and do other things besides earning resources because they already can afford to. But what if job security is taken out? What if a person is laid off from work or certain investments are flushed down the toilet. All that hard work and amount of security to pay off credit, house and insurances melt to thin air? The human relationships can get strained.

Without the stability of the 2nd tier, the other remaining tiers will falter which presses the need to go back. In this economic crisis, lay offs are experienced more than ever. It's a lurking fear to everyone who's ever been employed. Some are unfortunate enough to face the ax and give up their financial security. Without a steady income, people cannot maintain their lifestyle and in short, cannot pay the bills that secure their safety. House bills, electricity bills, car maintenance. It puts immense pressure on a person while his/her human relationships take the backseat. The demands of their human relationships would take a toll on them that it's best if they detach themselves first and focus on achieving Hierarchy Number 2 first. That's why don't be surprised if you see couples breaking up because they quarrel, blame each other and pressure each other for a security that is lost. The major strains in human relationships are greatly caused by pressure brought about by money and the lack of it.

A friend of mine said that only a few get to focus on the fourth Hierarchy which covers esteem, confidence and respect. This friend of mine even believes that no one (That he knows at least) has even reached the fifth tier. Not to sound too materialistic, but only with powerful amount of resources, are we to find ourselves relishing the fourth and fifth top tier. With lots of money, not only we can provide basic sustenance, but we can provide security as well. If we have provided enough security, then we can take time off to manage relationships better and focus our time to fulfilling the needs of others that do not involve "earning" and "working." Once we can achieve these things we can gain a sense of confidence and respect from others. Only then we can worry on the fifth tier.

Money is so powerful that it can help you achieve these tiers that are essential to human life. If one has too much, then we can all get philosophical and solve almost everything that we get ourselves into. We don't see money as an object and we may choose to use it at our own expense. How wonderful for one to reach that stage. We all have simple aspirations in life but all seek to meet at least the three tiers in human life. Screw your demands for respect and self actualization. As long as you can pay your house, your car and manage to keep your relationships thriving, then we can all consider ourselves lucky. But the main tiers are the more expensive ones and it needs the capital M. MOOLAH. MONEY. Let's not be hypocrites as long as we don't turn ourselves into greedy bastards. It's true that money can't buy you everything, but to actually want something that money can't buy, just means that you already have more than enough money to buy all the things that only money can buy. The classic dilemma of the filthy rich.

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