Friday, January 23, 2009

A normal weekend rant


Weekend na pala! I can't believe it's already here?!

This week literally flew by, but I'm not liking the weather one freaking bit! From last year's ICY Cold to this year's impending SCORCH in...maybe a few weeks or a month's time to be experienced FULL BLAST.

Summer here we go again.

I know I've been ranting about weekends because it's either I never get to have one decent straight weekend or I was just worked out to the bone attending to various matters in my life. Excitement, office stress, relation stress, the works! Weekend gives me an excuse to sleep a couple of hours more, result to SIMS and to finally FINISH my Jeffrey Deaver's THE SLEEPING DOLL.

It's a shame. Even when I go home super late at around 12ish, I still force myself to read at least 1 chapter, but a total of 5 chapters each day won't get me that far. Am I that busy nowadays?

My creative juices have been dried up. My brain cells are not yet fried, but are not receiving additional nourishment either. Silent deadly stress is making me feel numb (dumb) sometimes. Yuck. Is this me?

Weekends maybe aren't enough. Maybe what I need is a total grand vacation.

Soon. I might as well relish the weekend.

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