Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It was a busy day today. It was so busy that I didn't realize that I've been in front of the computer for almost 12 hours, not counting the 3 hours that I spent playing SIMS and making this blog. As I scratched my left eye, I honestly felt my eyeball surrendering.

I was kind of expecting it anyways. Tons of emails that bulked up during the holiday season somehow added to the pains of the usual deliverables. Everyone's excited. Everyone's eager to start the year anew and everyone seems to pull out jobs, necessary or not, in front of you. Their excitement seems to go beyond yours. But it's okay. I've been trained for office stress for almost five years. Today didn't really hurt at all. Actually, most of my hours, aside from reading emails and finishing reports, were spent hunting for that perfect accommodation for a looming Boracay vacation with friends. We go there every summer and by this time of the year, we should've already gotten our tickets and reserved hotel rooms. But since no one wants to plan and make proposals as late as this time, I just happen to come in perfectly because I love doing those things. I love to research, to make presentations and to do any kind of analysis on paper. Actually, that's the primary reason why I felt so stressed today. The usual office work that I always finish in a breeze came in the sidelines, while the Boracay research and presentation took the priority. Nevertheless, I managed my time and did my office work flawlessly. The Boracay presentation though won't be ready till tomorrow morning and I can't wait to submit it to the ones who will bury their assess in making reservations, which is the part that I hate.

I am just amazed that I wasn't able to read my online newspapers, make a blog or even recount the times that I wanted to do any food explorations in the canteen. I think I might have skipped some routines including my appetite. After 12 hours of work, I drove home, ate sushi and banana muffin and went on to play SIMS as a form of R&R. I'm quite dangerous to myself. When I am onto something, I sniff and I never seem to know when to stop. Officemates didn't feel my presence today and they kept avoiding me thinking I have an issue with work. But I do appreciate the isolation. It was a therapy for me to be busy, even though it's for the odd reasons.

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