Friday, January 2, 2009

Simmering for SIMS

January 2nd and I find myself irritated. It will pass, I know. But damn it!!!

My siblings and I went to MCS after lunch with my family and bought tons of DVDs and PC Games. For the entire Christmas break I was having a hard time getting hold of SIMS2. I realized that I really miss this game and ever since our old desktop had a virus 6 months ago, I've stopped playing it. But the desire now is rekindled more than ever that I've started dreaming about it and I've been imagining myself in it. I've gone mental.

After a couple of failed tries and slipped opportunities, I finally got my SIMS2 full expansion pack this afternoon. I went home happily thinking that I'll stay late at night creating houses and being immersed in MENTAL-SIMS love.

But no. Mitch tried to install it and delivered a very very bad news. He informed me that I got a blank disk, which means that the DVD has no files in it and the saleslady duped me. Despite the cool and gloomy weather, which essentially kept me happy all night, I was pissed. I imagined the saleslady personally being slapped with the defected cd...a hundred and one times.

But calm down. Choices. Choices.

It was my decision to buy in that unaccredited vendor then I should suffer the possibilities of poor quality and inconveniences it may bring me. I got what I paid for, but still as their market and consumer, I do feel slighted by their incompetence. They engaged in this business, but they should still consider the feelings and the resources of their consumers.

Enough drama. Mitch and I will go there first thing tomorrow morning. I will have to demand an explanation and compensation for this. I will play SIMS tomorrow, a choice and a fact I've made for them. May they not fail me again.

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