Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As expected, not quite.

I was at the office yesterday, but I had no work. System and migration issues were the culprits. And if I may borrow the line in Dangerous Liaisons, "It's beyond my control." But I did make myself productive still, but you can only do so much reports that thinking of something better to do, when there is in fact none and the place is limited, is tiring. So before lunch, I found myself trooping towards the pantry and saw Hugh Jackman performing a grand opening number at the 81st Oscars.

Usually comics host the show providing sniping jokes that may illicit giggles from the crowd, but Hugh Jackman is known as an actor, not a comic. But he is not your ordinary actor. He is very talented. He is a theater actor, knows his world on stage. He can brilliantly sing, dance and do a mild stand up stint. Plus unlike the past host, he's considered to be one of the most handsome and sexiest man alive. He has played various characters, from drama to action. Now he gave us a glimpse of his theatric and hosting world without losing his aura and face. From the start of the Oscars I can sense they have changed formats. And I'm feeling quite positive about it.

I couldn't stand in the pantry forever. I left as soon as Anne Hathaway was tasked to sing with him. I heard she was good. I logged on to the Oscars and got an updated list of winners. I would have to say that the winners are expected. Except for Best Actor in the Leading Role and Best Supporting Actress, I had probably no inkling as to who will win in those categories. The Screenplay, the Best Picture, Editing, Sounds, Actress and Best Supporting Actors did not surprise me one bit.

Since most of the awards were expected, I want to make a comment on the set and the format. Well, the set is gloomier, hence a representation of recession, still the actors and actresses looked radiant. It's unfortunate if this was their first attendance to the Oscars, it would take a lot longer time for them to experience the type of Oscars in the height of a blissful economy. It's like forcing yourself to enjoy a simpler version of it when all your life, you've been witnessing the grand, golden and excess festivities. Well, it makes it all better if you were nominated.

The method they used to introduce winners specifically for the actors and actress categories is something that I really like. After office, I stayed up late in my brother's room to watch the replay in Velvet Channel. It was there that I saw how past winners in each category welcomed another one to the "group." It was so eerie having all of them on stage, introducing each nominees and in the end, welcoming the new addition. It was very heartwarming and very elite.

And I couldn't help snicker at the tense air of having Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie in one room, and to think that Jennifer Aniston presented an award which made her directly a few feet away from the blissful couple. I would've gulped an upper drug by that time. It would be my ideal prescription without hurling the Oscars at them. Well, they are actors by essence, they could easily squeal out of an awkward situation...but I squirm at the possibilities! That's what I love about Oscar, behind the glitz and glamor of prim and proper actors are nerves and tension all waiting to explode

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