Sunday, February 1, 2009

That Senior Lazy Moment

As much as I want to experience days without making any plans, sometimes it ends up more stressful and initially dull. If creativeness cannot be forced to take the reign, then the execution tends to be half baked or poor. If enthusiasm and the ideal energy are absent, the "anything goes" just means "anything at all."

I did some office work yesterday in Makati, a city sometimes I get sick and tired off. I first dropped Mitch at Glorietta and joined him an hour later. Make than an hour and 30 minutes later because searching for a "legitimate" parking spot was terrible. I knew my usual self wasn't there with me, because I didn't get irritated nor mad, circling like a trance blob. In fact, since it was such a lazy, unplanned day, searching for a parking spot for about 30 minutes did me good. At least I get to do something "productive" with my time, a goal for that whole 30 minutes.

I went to the mall and joined strangers who clearly showed that they had specific agendas. Their faces quickly passed me by like a blur. There was Photoworld and whatever manageable shops that were still open in the old Glorietta. Almost half of the wing was barricaded already and jumped ship to the new Glorietta 5. Suddenly, the old mall seemed so dead and without purpose, like me at that moment.

I met Mitch and decided we grab an early dinner at Mexicali. But just to make things inconvenient for us, Mexicali was one of the restaurants included in the new barricaded wing. We found ourselves nearer at Glorietta 5 than The Link, where the new Mexicali restaurant is located, so Mitch decided we have dinner at Sbarro.

I haven't been to Glorietta 5 and it was a welcome experience. I felt a radar of excitement there, but it was short lived. The new mall pretty much resembles the architecture of Greenbelt 5. But the floorings are much better in Greenbelt 5 though. Glorietta 5 has a more hip and modern setting than the old building where every shop or store is compressed. In this new building, it's much more airy and the shops have gone to a more sophisticated aura.

We finally found Sbarro and ordered more than what we should normally eat, but we finished it nevertheless. By the time we started to walk around, we felt the bloated and sleep rushing in. A lazy day, with a carbo dinner made it much lazier for us to move nor think of more exciting things to do. A Movie was out of the question because we both didn't have moods for it. Having coffee and dessert was not an answer to pick up the faltering momentum. Yesterday was just one of those days when I can just as easily spend the whole day watching National Geographic Channel and I wouldn't mind. It was that Lazy.

We thought that it would be more frugal and funner if we could just hang around in my house than circling places when it's quite obvious we didn't have the mood for. So we did just that. We went back to my house, went to the open bar and planned for things to do. Mitch was having progress in that department. He was testing his newly brought gears from Photo World. I was left on my own and I was ready to get Harriet out of the bag and just write something, anything to make the lazy mood go away. But we were soon joined by SR who brought Barquillos care of his girlfriend Jane, and we began to hang around.

They bought the usual reinforcements of chips, Coke and Ice while I easily provided liquors. We could've gone sophisticated and drank wine, scotch or vodka, but that wasn't apparently our agenda. Mitch got Coke. I got C2. SR got two bottles of San Mig Light. We pretty much dived into the 164 pesos chicharon with vinegar, a couple of chips and Barquillos. In fact, Harvey provided the fun for us lazy trio by showing us his antics in exchange for the yummy barquillos.

Before 1 am, we're already cleaning up, all eager to welcome the new day. For today, SR plans to go to the Gym, Mitch has some lunch plans with relatives, and I have plans to watch DVD backlogs that I planned to watch on a weekday, but never had time to. I guess yesterday was just one of those days when life suddenly goes on slow motion and at the same time you become too lazy to go on fast forward. There's nothing really wrong with that. You just hope to have better days soon.

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