Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Suddenly, a new Template + For Dog enthusiasts

Took me some time to change my template. Not that I didn't have the time, it was more of a mood issue. Now, I'm suffering from poor eyesight and I need to switch to a template that showcases a kinder and bigger font, not small and stout ones. I think this is the first time I've seen this "Tequila" template, which I find perfect with my current needs. Also, I opted for a fresh white background to go with the outline of lime green. Um..okay..moving on.


I visited Animal House at SM Bictuan tonight just 30 minutes before closing. Harvey was on a hunger strike for two days and I had to buy his very hard to find pet food because almost everywhere I go it's always out of stock. We've been giving him human food (Rice and ulam) with his paltry share of dog food for the past few days and he became PG (Patay Gutom) all of a sudden. He eats whatever's lying around or not lying around including my mother's shorts. Good thing Animal House has lots of stock and I know already where I could get my supplies. Actually I like it there. The one assigned to man the store was surprisingly knowledgeable about dogs. She even asked me about my dog's breed and offered tips on how to manage him. Instead of originally just purchasing pet food and breezing through that window of 30 minutes, I ended up browsing and chatting until Mitch arrived from the parking area.

I'm amazed of the store's selections of products and services. Almost every pet food, accessory, medication and grooming needs especially for dogs and cats are found there. Not to mention I always see owners bring their dogs on a weekend for their grooming sessions. In fact, the girl gave me a card and offered me a tip to reserve if I'll be bringing Harvey for grooming on weekends. I also could get to phone them and check if they have Harvey's food in stock.

As if she could remember, I already brought Harvey there when I had to get him a harness. As far as I can remember, he seemed to enjoy snooping around and getting dazed with the orchestra of different gourmet pet food. He was on the verge of becoming wild at that time. Now I know why. It's a DOG candy store. Though the store in SM Bicutan is small, it's stuffed with almost everything that Harvey will ever need. I love the availability of various imported and local pet food, plus they sell treats and swanky gourmet canned dog dishes, which I'll try when my payday comes. A Small can, just almost the size of a canned tuna, costs 75 bucks. Not a joke. Well, slowly I begin to realize that owning a dog will never be a joke. For him, it's got to be the best.

Check out the Animal House nearest you.

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