Friday, February 6, 2009

Bail Out "Bucks" Bill

Bail Out Bill is about a booth and a certain man named as Bill. Certainly Bill is not his real name, and the booth is anything but a booth that you would just pass by. His booth is situated at Times Square New York and this mystery man, only known as Bill, gives away free money to help those who are in current or in deep need. The need may be ranging from health, to depression to unemployment. Bailout Bill is a micro way of looking at the US government bail out of some of its ailing American corporations.

Bill doesn’t need any investigations to be done. He will just base the amount of dole out money on the person’s story, whether it’s true or not. Some people who lined up and waited to be heard were given as much 50 USD and some even got luck on their side for getting 150 bucks.

This is too good to be true and it would be easier for us to just accept that the man is a complete lunatic. But he gives out money, doesn’t let you sign in on any form and you only have gratitude or guilt to bog you down while you spend your money anyway you want it.

"Bailout Bill’s idea is partly a publicity stunt for a new website,, where you can post videos advertising possessions, services and personal messages.
But the idea is also to help ordinary people in the same way that the US government is bailing out banks and other corporations, a spokesman, Drew Tybus, said." (

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