Monday, February 2, 2009

Surplus of Time

Hallelujah! As soon as I dropped out from a conference call at 5:05 pm, at a time when the faint glow of the sun was still up, I immediately sent out my reports, did the usual hand off, and turned off my PC as I stood up and prepared to go home. I bade goodbye to my desk and to whoever it was sitting near me as I swiped my ID clean and welcomed the afternoon breeze of Monday. One day down and four more days to go until "technical" weekend.

I walked briskly to the parking lot and savored going home way too early than my contemporaries. The air was lovely and soothing, the faint glow of the sun was calming and there were no jumbled orchestrations of cars in sight. Perfect and priceless. As I got to the car, I was itching to see Mitch, Harvey and Harriet and spend some QT time with them, a QT time that is not rushed. I felt excited as if I'm going to a book convention where every single title is 50% off, well make that 70% since we're already dreaming.

When was the last time I went home and the sun was still up? When was the last time I got home at 6 in the afternoon? When was the last time I felt like it's already 11 when in fact, it's only 8 pm. I love the surplus of time. Who doesn't?!

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