Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oscars for Writers

I just finished Jackdaws by Ken Follett and as usual he delivers. He writes thrillers as if he's like writing a book report. His ability to tackle various subjects while incorporating his own flair for writing suspense really should be recognized. It's amazing that he was able to reach through readers all over the globe. I am his fan and I'm forever encouraged and inspired. But writers like him who nest upon massive book sales may be an appropriate reward already, but what they are sharing to the world is an old brand of art, which demands a lot of time, attention, concentration, wit and emotions. I'm sure money and immortality may be more than enough for some, but it doesn't hurt if the appreciating world would like to take it into the next level.

Like Oscars for example. We get dazzled by the extravagance of the event that most people across the globe, who have televisions, are annual witnesses to. Actors that we see portray realistic to fictional characters are forever given immortality in our memories and in films. They are recognized for their ability to efficiently bring their characters to life and generate entertainment and escape to millions of viewers worldwide. Actors and Actresses together with Film Makers and Editors represent one brand of art that is by far the most popular form in our time.

How is it that Books have no "oscars" of their own. Surely the screenplay category is mentioned, but it's not quite the same as recognizing writers and literary pieces. One reason is that the volume might be more challenging in literature compared to films. It's quite staggering to think of how one could possibly screen published works from famous authors to non-famous authors all over the world. And unlike movies, literature has far less glitz and fan base. It has no need for advertisements either.

I'm sure in each country or region they there's an award giving body for literature. We have the Palanca award and other smaller pool of literature critics willing to give recognition to the deserving few, known or not. But I'm not quite certain if it stirs enough souls to be intrigued and engage in reading, much less encourage writing until the end of that dark artistic tunnel to be able to give birth to their own masterpiece. It takes courage, skill, ambition and a certain amount of encouragement to give birth to literary masterpieces. A literary Oscar might prove to intrigue and encourage people to read, as well as give a most proper recognition to genius artists for giving honor to one of the oldest art forms in history.

Before stages and movies, there is the imagination of the writer that drafts stories upon stories to give people entertainment and unending ideas. But artists or writers, all deserved to be recognized. Writers should be given no less credit compared to their artistic counterparts.

Writers like Follett really amaze me, actually all writers are, aspiring or veterans in that regard. I firmly believe they hold a golden skill of their own. They deserve the high recognition like what we would usually give to scientists, movie makers, visual artists and heroes.

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