Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Executive

As professionals there is essentially nowhere to go but UP. We want to be recognized and we want to grow. And a part of growing is taking up more responsibilities with of course the additional perks. Who wouldn’t want to be an executive? Sure you may have bigger responsibilities, responsibilities that you have been preparing for all your career life. There is no question that you were promoted because people think and you believe you can do the job. There might be a lot of expectations and nervous breakdowns, but the rewards could be very overwhelming.

Aside from the products of instant “executive” nobility, they get the best material perks in town. Respect, admiration and a loyal fleet may be always overlooked when you’re faced with a very fat paycheck, vacation houses, more leisure time, free travel expenses, first class travel expenses, an assistant to organize you schedule, do your errands and bring you coffee in the morning, invitations to the best social and corporate functions in town and a very mouthwatering retirement fund. In short, everything’s laid on a golden platter on VIP access. All you have to do is to make sure that the company has a solid profitability trend or just make sure that the company stays out of any trouble.

You cannot imagine that aside from the general respect and awe, Executives get the best perks. They could be considered the corporate or revered “human gods.” But what if things didn’t turn out right? What if the companies lose amidst a global economic crisis, and it just so happens that you are THE Executive in an unfortunate time. Pressure. Pressure. Pressure. Pressure from your shareholders, pressure from your organization, pressure from them media, even pressure sometimes from your family.

In the recent economic crisis, we all know that it WAS good to be king during the happy times, but we can all see now the scrutiny these once bountiful and powerful kings are facing from the media, from the government from the people who put their financial capabilities and brilliance in the pedestal. As Obama has offered help to companies in need, “hat in hand” (nytimes) corporations have no choice but to submit to the demands of their new shareholders, THE PEOPLE. It’s the people’s hard earned money that bailed the company out, let the executives throw back the same amount of respect for it.

Now that securing large profits is a mirage of the glittering past, these executives will think twice in spending the company’s resources that are fueled and backed up by taxpayers money. Aside from the big bonuses and fat paychecks, perks would have to be reconsidered and at some instances, eliminated.

Interesting. These few executives who received help from the government would have to work doubly hard to make sure that they overcome any additional financial hurdles, and they are expected to think on how to increase profits to eliminate debts. Now they do extra work, have sleepless nights, face the magnifying glass for, well…at least slim bonuses and so-so perks.

It may be so good to be king, unless you become at the mercy of the financial crisis that is. It’s like a promotion with higher responsibilities but without any pay increase and less than ideal perks.

But at least you get to keep the title…THE Executive…for as long as you can handle it.

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