Monday, February 2, 2009

Lapsoulmate over Trend

Do you know Harriet? If you happen to be reading my posts, you probably know who or what Harriet is. If you just randomly browse through, well, you might still wonder about the face behind the name. But if you just got lost in the realm of blogosphere and this is your first time to read my blog, well consider yourself lucky because you get to meet Harriet for the very first time.

To slice off the dramatic-stage-mother persona, Harriet Priscilla is a thing. It's short for HP Mini noteboook that came into my life last Christmas as a present, one of my tech presents from my dear significant other, who is a certified techie. For him it was just a bang-for-the-buck purchase. I wouldn't leave Big Bertha, a Compaq Presario, that slowly felt like the world was on our shoulders. So, for the benefit of our back health and my boyfriend's particular "image" when I'm around with Big Bertha. So he brought me Harriet. But it wouldn't have worked for guys like him. But for users like me, it is just perfect. It has a cool keyboard, not like the ones which you accidentally press two keys at the same time. It has a WIDE screen, which is very important for people like me. It's lightweight and puts the P in portable. It's brand is trusted and an important, reliable factor. It's affordable (never say cheap) and sleek.

Since my computer activities are only limited to blogging, surfing, using excel and word, Harriet is more than enough. She is my "lapsoulmate." Others immediately found it technologically-forward and savvy. I took pride, and I know that computers, no matter how stylish and updated they are only "last" for 18 months. In a business and tech-sense of it, the bragging rights of a certain gadget only lasts for 18 months before a newer version is circulated. So for that limited time only, better maximize and get all the bragging rights for what you paid for.

I believe this unit was released some time late last November. To date, it's still one of the latest of its "species," but some brands are already challenging the the fresh releases.

Electronic and gadgets giant SONY just released a very mini-sleek, pouch-bag sized laptop, called the Sony Vaio P Series. It's small, roughly 8" while Harriet is roughly 10". Just like Harriet, you can easily carry it with one hand like a woman's elegant purse or man's clutch bag. Imagine, if you're a workaholic fashion editor, I would imagine you going to a sophisticated event, dressed like a goddess, drinking your champagne and finding yourself blogging at some corner. I'm sure no one would have even noticed you brought a gadget except for those tech freaks. The notebook of this size is cool for Academes and femme bloggers on the run. It's the trend nowadays is it? Everything's gone smaller.

But unlike HP Mini Note, Sony is pricier. I think it's 20-30 grand (PHP) more than HP's mini note. In fact, Sony intends to keep its P series in line with Apple's products which are aimed at mid-high end buyers. They bank on style, sophistication and portability. In short, they're damn elitists. But in terms of performance, it's not any different to a mini notebooks out there. But yes, to its credit, it's one of the smallest, stylish notebooks I've ever seen.

Owning a laptop has never been this accessible and it ushers to the big P, Portability. With the latest models out in the market, P is equally partnered with S, which is for Style. Well, I'm not much of a trend setter. I'm not even a techie person to begin with, nor am I considered "fashionable." I still have my full confidence with HP Mini-Note. I don't think I'll ever change it. It suits just well, no reason getting carried away after 18 months, or earlier.

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