Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Craving For Cake

I’m craving for sweets. When I use the word crave, I do not mean it to be a passing want. It’s a desire on a much higher level of like and want.

I was in Glorietta and SM Makati earlier and I could not stop craning my neck at various stalls that sell enticingly adorned cupcakes, whole rich cakes, pies and glamorized doughnuts. I fought so hard to buying a healthier lunch meal instead of tripping to a stall and getting a slice of one of each.

Maybe because it’s Valentines and it’s the proven season for desserts. For this month, anything sweet ranging from chocolates, candies, cakes, cupcakes and pies are sought after as forms of commemoration for the sweetness to be shared and enjoyed by couples, friends and families.

I’m craving so hard that I randomly search for images of succulent cakes in between working. In a matter of minutes, I have transacted with my special dessert supplier for a confirmed dessert fix on the weekend. But I doubt if I can still wait till then. I have to answer to this because I know that I’d just be cranky and unfulfilled no matter what I eat or do. A slice of Goldilocks’ choco slice is more than enough to satiate me at this point, but the orgasmic experience is yet to be achieved for this entire week:

What I’m craving for:

1. Creamy, Luscious Red Velvet Cake at Karen’s Kitchen
2. Creamy, fruity and sweet Mango Bene of Mary Grace
3. Chocolate Fudge Souffle of Max Brenner
4. Polly’s Chocolate Cake
5. Banana Cream Pie of Starbucks
6. New York Cheesecake of Postrio
7. Marta’s Cupcakes
8. Smores Cupcakes / Smores Cake of Red Ribbon
9. Banana Slice of Starbucks
10. Caramel Cake of Costa Brava
11. GAYUMA’S chocolate cake…….lava….

And the list goes on and on and on…

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