Friday, February 27, 2009

I want (need) a vacation

I seriously need a vacation. A movie and a quick mall R&R just won't do this time. I can't even read Forever Amber straight and it will take me days, weeks, to get even to the climax of the story. To specify things, I'm suffering from a quick attention span right now. Since I've been moving around and tiring myself with lots of professional to non-professional things, I can't find the time to genuinely relax and not do anything. Dining out cannot help me relax anymore. Even the product of 5 hours of sleep and occasional trips to the bookstore in the middle of the work week have lost its great power on me. I may have gotten myself into overdrive, and it needs a bigger antidote.

A grand vacation, toss in some SPA that I only do once in a blue moon would be really nice. I really don't care if it's in a beach, in a cold place, in a hotel with a nice cafe. It just has to be something new and relaxing.

Find myself repeating the word "vacation." It's becoming freaky already.

Here are some pictures I've seen online which help me relax until the real vacation pushes through...

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