Monday, February 2, 2009

Dates, Chocolate and Coffee

Mitch passed by a couple of hours ago and brought me a Chocolate Mousse cake. It is to drive home the point that I am poor with remembering special occasions. But I gladly accepted the cake after two helpings of my aunt's fruit salad for dinner.

After the visit, I took a small slice, got a mug of hot coffee to go with and went upstairs. While my sister was watching Evita, I silently surrendered to the luscious partnership of coffee and chocolate, only to realize that tomorrow is a work day and I have to get up really really early. In short, it was a bad and stupid move.

The gift was highly appreciated, but I should've chosen wisely. Then I wouldn't have been screwed. I'll be lucky to get 3 hours of sleep and I'm sure the first thing I'll look for later is a mug of hot coffee. It'll be a caffeine joyride from now on and I sincerely hope I get my grove back tomorrow.

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