Saturday, February 7, 2009

Off to a Milk Night

I'm here in the office preparing to ricochet to Greenbelt, Makati Med, Office and back to Greenbelt. I have to buy some personal stuff, check the huge Fully Booked at Greenbelt 5 and reserve some movie tickets for tonight. After my business there, I would have to go to Makati Med to visit my brother, pick some food in People Support, go back to the office, finish some stuff, log out and pick up Mitch from his org meeting. Finally, I park and watch a movie in Greenbelt.

Initially, I wanted to watch JAY, a local movie about a murdered, homosexual Jay, and a homosexual reporter named Jay who sensationalized Jay's death into a mockumentary. Too much Jays for the main characters in the film. Interesting. It a Cinemalaya awardee and it's being recommended by no-nonsense movie buffs. Frankly, I also want to see Baron Geisler on the big screen. I've heard so much about him that I want to see (judge) for myself.

Unfortunately it's only shown in SM Cinemas and as far as I'm concerned there are NO theaters in SM Makati. I also double checked if Glorietta or Greenbelt has it, but they don't. Since all of my business for today involved being in Makati, I cannot for the life of me find the time to go to MOA. I guess I would have to cross my fingers for tomorrow, but tomorrow is packed for my brother's "homecoming" and I have a date with Harvey. Still keeping my fingers crossed.

But there's no doubt that I'm still craving to watch a movie. I want to know another person's life to get away from my own. I want a quick escape. Since Marley and Me is out of the question, it's just amongst Doubt, Seven Pounds and Milk.

I really wanted to watch Doubt. It was my first choice. I have read great reviews and a story concentrated on a particular setting interests me. But apparently I have to consider my movie date. He's not into the heavy-gritting movie that clogs his thinking even more. He wants happy go lucky, action packed movies just to entertain him and take his mind away from the social, economical and political issues humans face in everyday. He is pretty much closed-minded and he wouldn't necessarily pay for something he knows he would not enjoy. No matter how I try to market Doubt, I know he won't appreciate it. The movie is too intense and set-driven. The poster in itself says it all. I am considerate.

Seven Pounds is a different thing. It's a drama movie with ultimately bad reviews. If he doesn't like to be bogged down by melodrama, I wouldn't recommend him to watch this. Heck, I wouldn't recommend myself to watch it either. I've read the synopsis and it's a movie about impossible human sacrifice and drama. Cannot relate there. Heart at the expense of the Head is certainly not my cup of tea. The bad reviews didn't help at all. This is out of the question.

Milk is something very interesting though. It's not dramatic and it's a biopic with Sean Penn in it. I tried to remember the funny trailer and some scenes are just damn funny and interesting. At first, Mitch wanted to buckle himself because it was a gay movie. We were heating up for a debate, but I tried to tell him that it's far from Brokeback. It's not a grotesque gay movie like he was automatically thinking (I hope). It's a gay movie with substance, played by brilliant GUY actors. It's not something melodramatic or would bog us down, so it has lots of potential.

With that, I ruled him over. Tonight, it's a Milk night indeed.

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