Sunday, February 8, 2009

Impromptu Dinner

My dinner for tonight was a leftover Starbucks choco-dipped doughnut which I initially got for JD, 2 slices of small, square-cut pizzas from Yellow Cab and a glass of cold Minute Maid. It wasn't your ideal, healthy and fulfilling dinner, but I had to eat something at that time. My stomach was already growling in church.

But I am still hungry. No one had the time and energy to cook because we never thought we'd be deserted by our maid today. We didn't want to phone for delivery either. For the past couple of days we've been eating fast food junk. My dad was tired and went to sleep immediately. My aunt was on a diet. My mom can manage with fruits. Karla didn't have a problem because she was craving for leftover chicken, whereas JD can survive with instant pancit canton. I'm craving for a meal, a decent one, and even if I have an available car to bring me somewhere, I must admit that I have to find the brakes in spending. Also, I'm just so tamad. (Lazy)

I called up Mitch to ask him if he's coming over tonight, which was actually a probe if he can pass by some restaurant and buy me some take out. He was in QC finishing up a shoot and he would be able to drop by after 9 pm. He would just have dinner somewhere.


I asked him for food. I didn't sound like begging, I made sure of that, but the urgency and need are there in my tone. He said he could grab some Banana Toffee Pie at Banapple, but I clarified I didn't want any sweets. I still have my chocolate mousse in the fridge. Plus, I already ate a doughnut, bought a Tiramisu cake and a Double fudge brownie this morning at Seattle's Best. There's a surplus of desserts in my house. What I need is a savory dish.

Problem solved. I only have to wait patiently and keep my brain preoccupied.

But after an hour, I called him again. I wanted to smell his progress. He said he was about to wrap up his shoot and he's going to bring me a SHAWARMA. His group decided to have dinner at Mr. Kabab somewhere in Timog. The restaurant and place are very much popular, but I haven't been to. In fact, my colleague and I were discussing her recent trip to Mr. Kabab last week. The place is famous for long lines at the counter because people just flock over to taste the authentic Persian dishes at a very reasonable price. So sad that we don't have that in the south and I seldom go to places like Timog and Tomas Morato.

The fact that he said that, I wanted to kiss him already! The thought of food and Shawarma made my tummy roll again. I played SIMS to get preoccupied and after an hour I texted him again of his progress, leaving a room of possibility that he might not be able to dine at the famous Mr. Kabob. But he texted back that he is on his way home with the..ding ding ding...SHAWARMA.

Currently, he is on his way to my house and I can't wait to sink my teeth in the dish. I'm preparing a glass of cold orange juice as a chaser hoping that he'd get here fast. I hope I'll have sweet dreams after this.

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