Thursday, February 19, 2009

Society Has Already Spoken

I believe in God. I have fear in him. I respect him tremendously. The church is a sacred group that molds people's lives towards the teachings of God. Hard teachings, but good ones.

No matter how "evil" I have become, I always make sure that in minor and major decisions in life, I do keep it real and I do consider my beliefs that are in lined with God's teachings. I'm not perfect. I'm human and I make lapses hundreds of times, but I do try.

One sensitive issue that we face today is a human dilemma against God's teachings.

Collectively, it's the state versus the church.

In matter of reproduction, a matter highly sensitive that it has become a social tug of war, Church believes we should all remain pure until we submit to the sacrament of matrimony. Sex is only there to procreate and not seen as a leisure. We procreate all right. We procreate, spread diseases and ruin lives more.

Seriously. In this day and age, humans are more attuned to themselves and SEX may not always be seen as a form of leisure, but it is a form of human expression as well. It's part of who we are. The decision to engage in it relies on our own human will incorporating our beliefs with God. We need to know both sides of the coin to completely balance out and decide for ourselves.

Contraceptives and education are not there to promote the "not so sacred" sex as leisure and as mere expression. It's already happening. And let's face it. In this category, humans are weak.

What contraception and alternatives do is to protect individuals' choices and to protect life, a respectable chance to life. If God is watching, he would be able to understand and only at the end we will be able to individually justify ourselves to him. Let everyone be accountable. All I'm asking is a fair choice.

The society has already spoken.

The majority of the residents of the City of Manila believe that there should be a law on reproductive health, a recent survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) showed.

The survey showed that 64 percent of, or about six in 10 Manilans, think that there should be a law that would require the government to provide artificial contraceptives. (Manila Times)

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